Corporate and Commercial Law

privredno-pravoOur office provides a wide range of services in corporate and commercial law, such as establishment of enterprises (companies), statutory changes, capital increase, and change of authorized representatives and all other important data, advisory services on a daily basis on various aspects of commercial law, interpretation of regulations, drafting commercial contracts, assistance in business negotiations. Our office has extensive experience in representing companies before the courts in Serbia, in commercial disputes, property disputes, labor / employment disputes, and enforcement proceedings.

Law of Contracts

ugovorno-pravoThe experience our attorneys have in the field of contract law is based on long-term advising and representing of clients in contract negotiations, drafting all types of business contracts, and contracts between private individuals.

Inheritance Law

nasledno-pravoWe advise and represent our clients in all matters involving inheritance, including drafting last will and testament, lifelong support contracts, and representing clients in inheritance proceedings.

Family Law

porodicno-pravoWe handle all types of family law matters, such as divorce, annulment of marriage, child custody and support, and proceedings to exercise parental rights.

Labor Law

radno-pravoOur office provides legal advice on various issues related to labor law. We represent our clients before courts in labor disputes, draft employment contracts and company regulations in accordance with valid regulations.

Real Estate

nepokretnostiWe have extensive experience in this area. We provide advice concerning legal status of property (documentation verification), representing clients in various aspects of real estate transactions, and drafting various contracts related to this field.